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Sarman Canadien Men's Clothing Brand 2020 (Story) - Sarman Fashion - Wholesale Clothing Fashion Brand for Men from Canada

Sarman Canadien Men's Clothing Brand 2020 (Story)

For those who wonder how Sarman Brand started and who we are.

It was a really simple and easy start. We follow our dreams, nothing else matters and it was at any cost. When we say at any cost we mean it! Even if we had to end up on the streets with 2 kids and a wife.

The First Step to our big success is to get rid of people who pull us back and find those who have the same passion as us! By doing this you may hurt lots of people but at the same time, you let them free to follow their dreams.

We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but We ship all over Canada and the USA.

Sarman was created from the family name. We use the first 3 letters which are "SAR" and we add "MAN" for the male gender. That is how the name SARMAN was created like Frankinchtain. lol

Sarman stands for all those people who fight, breathe, think, eat, and love thinking of their passion nothing else matters. Lots of people scare doing that because of being afraid of losing everything over it. Where we come from we say if you don't risk you don't drink champagne.

Also if you don't do what you love and want then what is your purpose in living?

At the moment as we speak we are only 2 passionate people Kamo and Alex who gave it all every day to succeed and we don't look back not even for a second. Alex, he is my cousin and Model you guys seeing it every day. He is from Russia for all those who have been wondering. Yes he is a good looking guy lol in the family there is always the one who is beautiful and the other one is the smarter one lol

We are still far from our goals and dreams but with your love and support, we know that this is just a matter of time. Our enemy is time because time flies so fast, sometimes we laugh and wish that there were more hours in a day than 24! lol 

We started a clothing brand at the beginning of 2019. Come buy our clothes and wear them proudly because we doing it for you and our families!

P.S. Please forgive us for our English we try our best to describe what we stand for. Thank you

Stay Strong guys! We love you all !!!