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Aleksandr Grechishnikov Biography - Sarman Fashion - Wholesale Clothing Fashion Brand for Men from Canada

Aleksandr Grechishnikov Biography

I am very glad that you came to my biography and decided to read a short article about me.

I was born in Ukraine in the 90s in a military family, my father is a pilot. And in this regard, we traveled a lot across the CIS countries, including life on the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean with polar bears. After that, before school, we moved to Russia in Murmansk, where I studied at school and was engaged in biathlon, and in high school I went into professional sports and became the champion of Russia in biathlon and have the title of Master of Sports. After school, I was already a member of the North national biathlon team and took part in European and World tournaments. In parallel, I entered the University of Physical Education where I was awarded a medal for my contribution to the development of sports by the governor of the region.

With all my eagerness to ski and shoot, I always wanted to look good aesthetically and I was interested in developing in physical strength. And I started going to the gym every day after skiing (now I don't even understand where so much damn energy came from). I liked the feeling of the pump in the muscles and the visual effect so much that within 2 years I switched to another sport. My body was ready for hard physical training and naturally reacted to it. And after I gained from 67kg to 85kg in 2 years, I decided to compete in bodybuilding competitions in the city of Moscow.

It was a failure like a lumpy first pancake, but it motivated me more, I was already 18 years old, and I stayed in Moscow and saw that I wanted to train and coach people. I have already entered the Faculty of Law at another university. At 22, I was the main manager of a fitness club network (there will be no advertising) and competed with a perspective. Then he began to travel to Europe, China, India, Vietnam, where he fell from a motorcycle and inflicted a number of injuries on himself and had to sew the muscles into place. This is where the story of bodybuilding on stage ended and I decided to train for myself and motivate people, by the way, my maximum weight was 115 kg, which is still a spectacle, and after another long trip I returned to Russia and decided that after the accumulated energy from people from all over the world I can create something in common and unite them. The idea came to make things for people because I had seen enough of different styles and had a certain image in my head. It was decided to make a Sarman clothing brand for men (by the way, after the article was published, a women's collection was launched). We found a factory in Turkey and were not mistaken, as here the quality of both material and production is the best. I made friends and I’m in  Turkey at the moment, and I live with my soul mate. Having been doing this for 4 years now, and Sarman was created in 2017, we reached a good level, but a tremendous amount of work has been done and gigantic efforts and costs have been invested, many disappointments and falls have been lived. And we know that everything is still ahead, and this is only the beginning of the brand's history. I have a friend and partner in Canada who does a great job on all fronts and not only in the brand business. He lives by it and burns by it. And we have everything ahead! Of course, this is a very short story about me, but I shared it with you because I wanted to. Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone!