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Our Love for our Home City Montreal, Quebec, Canada. - Sarman Fashion - Wholesale Clothing Fashion Brand for Men from Canada

Our Love for our Home City Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We have been in Montreal, Quebec since 1998 and things had changed a lot since we arrived. We will say it is people inside of it who change the Vision of the City.

As most of the People who came from their homeland to the new country, it takes us many years to adapt to a new society and most of the time let’s not lie we are not happy of the changes and we complain a lot lol. Yes, we do!!!

One thing that makes us more and more proud to live in our Home City Montreal, Quebec, Canada are the people who live in it. People are extremely passionate about what they do. Yes, of course, there is the one who is stuck in the Money world, greediness and sadness but let not talk about them today instead let us tell you a wonderful story about Greatest once.

When we start our clothing brand we thought we will have the hardest time in the world to get noticed but it was completely the opposite. Montreal is on the rise of lots of talented people! We strongly believe that Montreal will be the next big thing because of its differences. It is like the capital of the world so many different cultures so many things to discover and everyone brings something different, something special.

Why we think Montreal is The Next Big thing is because of kindness and in-powering. Simple google it! We have bigger and bigger influencers, more creators, more rappers, and more artists. Canada itself is out-coming in all talents by having the greatest musicians, hockey players, basketball players, and the list goes on.

All this it's coming from our own experience and by people who we are surrounded by every day. Sometimes we have to refuse some collaboration because of the big volume of talents and requests.

We want simply to thank all People who are wearing proudly our Clothing Brand SARMAN. We Served Over 7000 Canadian and American people as of today and hoping to double it by the middle of June 2021.

To be honest our biggest dream is to out-pass all biggest brands out there in the next 10 years. We had to give a goal in 7 years from now on that "Adidas Sucks our left nut and Nike Sucks our right nut". They are too big brands now, they lost their values, it all corporations now, they don't care for any one of us, it sad but it true. We know you love them but they are not there for you anymore just money. It is time to make some space for New Generation. 

We hope you guys enjoy our little blog.


Stay Safe and Love your Family!