Sarman Clothing Brand 2021, What Happen and What is New With The Brand

Hi Everyone, it is over a year that we didn't give any news or post about our brand "SARMAN"! It is perfect time to describe how Covid had affected our business and lives.

The Business is as usual, we are growing everyday and pushing as hard as we can. But like most of the people know that apparel business is not that easy, it’s more about how badly you want it. People who think it is easy and they can make quick dollars it is a completely lie. 

There are people who are asking us for an advice on how to start their own brand. The first thing we tell them that if they don't have a good capital for the first 5 years of their business then don't start the business. Well, most of the people get mad when we advice them this strategy because they think we discourage them instead of motivating them. But we prefer to say the way it is  and not put the person on wrong path and give them wrong hopes. We are not saying this to eliminate our future competition but we giving an advice like we  tell to our own brother or sister who want to start their business.

So now let’s talk about the positive side of our business, we start selling and shipping all over the world and not only in Canada. 

The Biggest enemy of Sarman is Fraud People. People who try to use other people credit cards and after 2-3 weeks we get charge backs and we lose all money and on top of that the Banks charge us additional fees of 15$ for it, which is completely unfair but what can we do. So for those who are trying to fraud us everyday please STOP! You are affecting small business that trying to get their name out. Please think if someone will do this to you how will you feel. Please lets treat each other as big family! Plz

Second Big Problem is influences, lot of people asking us if they can be our ambassadors or influences. At the beginning, we give lots of chances to almost everyone that asked us. But most of The people are taking there fame for granted. They think that they are famous and they can play games. Mostly take our clothes and don't do anything, its almost same as stilling from us. They should understand that clothes are not free and we work for it. We have our family to feed and our community to help and they seal from people like us who wish them well! that not right! Making a swipe up for 24 hours won't hurt anyone and no one will die from it, but people are weird! Most of the time those people have fake followers that they bought and they act like they are Jennifer Lopez or Tom Cruise!

COME ON Guys help a brother, it just a swipe up! And God is there! one day someone will do the same to to you as well. And when it happen don't ask why and how! Most probably you did the same to someone else..

What is good is that we are growing slow by slow. We are meeting great customers every single day. To be honest our customers are the best! We have clients that order just because they want us to succeed! They give us also lots of advice's on our next collections by giving us comments on how to improve! Some models that are pre-sale loyal customers texting us and telling us what would they do to improve the look of it! Most of the time we listen and it ends up being a top sale designs. We appreciate a lot for their ideas and comments.

We also tried to enter a few stores to sale our clothes but with Covid most of the stores are suffering now and they don't have cash flow to invest in new products and resell them for us so we are on our own for now!

As business partners we have great manufacture by our side. The Owner name is Ersin who is really talented guy and who has lots of potential in fashion and helps us to succeed. He fall in love with our Brand name and now he even giving us little more time to pay our orders and sometimes he offers his professional ideas to add or that go well with the new design. He became like a little cousin you always wanted! lol We promise him 10% of Share holders when we start reaching 100k sales per month.

Alex, our model, next big move is that he is moving to Turkey for few months to create great contents with a nice views! These days Content is everything! The risk is high because he is leaving everything behind for a dream! We stress a lot because he is giving up on his apartment in Moscow and leaving all belonging behind and starting all over in another country!

Something We hate to hear from people! As everyone know in fashion there is lots successful Gay people and mostly famous brand owners are gay which, we are really proud of it and we love seeing people succeed in fashion domain because they are passionate! But what we hate is lots of people telling us we won't succeed because we are not gay man and that in fashion only gay man succeed! To be honest we have nothing against anyone but when people generalizing it, it not motivating us! Our Brand welcome's anyone who love what we are doing! We stand for freedom of choice. Everyone must have equal rights to there achievements.

We are really pro life people and wish all the best to anyone who come our way, (Black, White, Asian, Gay, Muslim, Transgender or even aliens) as long as you see our vision and love what we create we are welcoming you with open arms and Love!

With everything happening around the world it is the time we stop all hates and learn to love one another again!

In The End Love is everything!

Don't forget about our parents who had given everything for our love!


On That We Wish you all the best and we hope we didn't offend anyone. If we did please forgive us we didn't mean it! We are Just sharing our love, supports, ideas and story.


This Blog is just a little journey of our life and our experiences in this world!.